What does a former “blog-hater” write about herself on her blog? I can’t think of anything appropriate to write here, especially since one of my main objections to blogging is the hasty vulnerability and false community it can create.

It’s not that I dislike vulnerability or sharing, it’s that I take it very seriously, and want to take care that it’s done in the right setting, with the right people, in the right time.

Until I figure out exactly who I want to be to the internet, I guess I will share this:

I live in Santa Barbara, California. I’m an avid hiker, kayak-er, sleeper, and Mexican-food-eater. My main passions are for Jesus and the study of history, but I work in real estate and I love it. I am in my twenties, though some days I feel like a nine-year-old kid again (dreaming of Neverland) and others I feel like I’m fifty.